PlasticGroove are a boutique management, promotion company and record label focused on Wellington’s up and coming bands. With this approach PlasticGroove will be able to offer bands a solid platform in which to grow and move on to the international stage. We offer many years of experience with our dedicated team having played in bands, recorded in music studios and played concerts around the world. Not only do we offer advice, but we assist in any way we can to ensuring a successful music career. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Artist Management

  • Digital and Physical Music Distribution

  • Marketing Services

  • Consulting and coordinating social media, radio, publicity, and streaming placement strategy

  • Recording, Production, Mixing and Mastering

Tony McDonald, founder and director of PlasticGroove and assistant manager Nigel Martinez are the driving force behind the success of the company.

Contact us today to find out more at mgmt@plasticgroove.co.nz