PlasticGroove are a retro futurist Kiwi band from Wellington, New Zealand. A multi instrumental attack combines 80's new wave and modern rock influences into a toe tapping, head banging, butt shaking frenzy



June 2016

First EP (Feel) available now featuring Huia. Get it here iTunes.

March 2016

New single "Many Years Ago (feat Corey Watts). Get it here iTunes or Spotify or Google Play

September 2014

New single "Blast". Get it here iTunes or Spotify or Google PlayThanks to Chelsea for her great backing vocals.

February 2014

New single "Energy Blast" released. Get it here iTunes or Spotify

January 2014

New single "Over To You" released. Get it here iTunes  or Spotify

September 2013

New single "Superstars Back". Check out Rorys guest guitar. Get it here iTunes or Spotify

August 2013

New single "Testing the Waters" released. Special thanks to Julie Lamb (backing vocals), Callum Hazlitt-black (Bass), Ian Rainford (Guitar), Matrix Digital (Final mix / Master). Get one it here iTunes or Spotify

March 2013

New single "Pointless". Get it here on iTunes oor Spotify

December 2012

PlasticGroove's 3rd single, "Junky Monkey", has been been used in Yellow Fever's promotional Youtube videoJunky Monkey is available - iTunes  or Spotify

PlasticGroove's 2nd single "Strange Lands Fall" is available iTunes  or Spotify. And be sure to check out the Strange Lands Fall video on the left of this page.

August 2012

PlasticGroove's 1st single  "Right Now" is available iTunes or SpotifyAnd be sure to check out the Right Now video on the left of this page.





Contact the Band

Please call Tony McDonald on +64 211309620 or email for further information.